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Who We Are

As individuals, we are sinners saved by grace. 
As an assembly, we are a non-denominational spirit-filled church that is part
of a group of people who God has joined together by reason
of revelation for a common determination. 


Our worldwide body of believers is not affiliated with an organization,
nor does it have an earthly headquarters - we are guided by the Holy Spirit
and overseen by God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. 


We are made up of people from diverse backgrounds and races that share
in a common goal: to live a life pleasing to the Lord and
to help others do the same. 


Our purpose is to proclaim His gospel, receive His restored truth, preach His overcoming message, and assist people in receiving all that He has
made available
to those that love and serve Him. 



GOSPEL KINGDOM - a spirit-filled church
4742 Cane Run Rd - Louisville, Ky.     502.448.5221